If you’re planning a bridal shower for yourself or for someone else, there are tons of different ideas you can use as inspiration. More than anything else you want everyone there to be having fun and feeling involved—not just sitting around waiting for the next game to start or gift to be opened. Here are four ideas for different types of bridal showers you can throw so everyone can join in.

bridal shower ideas

Head Outdoors

If you and the people you’re inviting to your bridal shower are big lovers of the outdoors, there are a number of ways you can work that into you bridal shower. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Hiking — pick a scenic path through a forest, in the mountains or hills, or along a shoreline
  • Camping — make it a weekend and have fun with campfires, swimming and canoeing
  • Rent a cottage or cabin — like camping, but a bit more luxurious

You can also have the usual sorts of bridal shower things worked in: games around the campfire or on the path, gifts all centered around the outdoors or using it as a theme, and so on.

Get Creative

If you fancy yourself more of a creative person, there are also some fun ways to craft a bridal showers that gets everyone’s creative juices flowing. You can be smart about it and work some ideas in with the rest of your wedding planning, such as:

  • Paint or craft party — have some wine and either host a paint/craft instructor or go to a class at a studio
  • Flower-arranging — you can take special bridal bouquet, flower crown, or just general arrangement classes
  • Cooking class — learn how to cook foods you always wanted to learn how to make together

With all of those options, you can contribute directly to your wedding: at the paint or craft lesson you can make decorations or centerpieces; you can arrange bridal bouquets or arrangements for centerpieces; and at the cooking class you can make snacks or desserts you plan on providing at the wedding.

Get Active

If you’re not much of a fan of the rugged outdoors but still want to do something active and fun, there are still lots of options. Like the outdoors, you can pick an activity that really focuses on your interests and hobbies or those you share with your friends and family. Here are a few ideas:

  • Charity work — volunteer for a day at an animal rescue shelter, plant a garden or tree for the community, etc.
  • Scavenger hunt — stay in the city and have your mother, husband to be, or event planner set this up for you and the bridal shower guests
  • Shopping spree — if you all like shopping you can make a trip to the biggest shopping mall, outlet, or plaza nearby

If you need help getting some of these things set up, you can get in contact with an event planner. They’ll be able to help you find the best locations, charities, and areas to hold scavenger hunts in your area.

Just Relax

If you want your bridal shower to be a time for you to relax and forget about the stress of planning your wedding, there are ways for you and your guests to all unwind. Here are some ideas you can use as inspiration:

  • Get pampered — go to a spa, beauty salon, or massage clinic to get whatever treatments you want to feel clean, beautiful, and relaxed
  • Go on a trip — head to somewhere fun like Vegas, or relaxing like a beach resort, or a bit simpler like a wine tour
  • Fun and simple — no gifts, no typical bridal shower games, just something simple and laid back like a BBQ in your backyard to hang out with those closest to you

Remember, you can combine any of these ideas or pick something else entirely if it gives you a different idea. The point of a bridal shower is usually for the bride to have a larger gathering of all the women in her and her future spouse’s lives to meet, greet and have fun!

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