The flashy proposal with performances and video is not the best choice for all matches. Some people want this moment to be a quiet, personal and private one that is distracted by nothing but the affection that two different people feel for each other.

You don’t need to feel bad if you don’t want a big production proposal. You know your partner better than anyone, and a quiet proposal will still be one that will be remembered for all time. That doesn’t take actors, sets, surprises or any kind of budget.

Yet, there should be a little magic to the moment right? That won’t require a big budget either. There are many public places in Vancouver that are perfect for a simple proposal.

Stanley Park


Stanley Park is not only among the largest parks in Vancouver, it’s also one of the largest parks in the world. It stretches out over 1000 acres that includes quiet forests, gorgeous bays and amazing views of the sunset. Sunset is among the best possible times to propose in this park, because the sunset views are accessible from the entire westward-facing side of the park. This is almost all beach, and you’ll have no problem finding a private spot for just the two of you.

Queen Elizabeth Park


Queen Elizabeth Park is approaching is rapidly approaching it’s hundredth anniversary, and perhaps for all of that time, it’s been known as one of the best places to propose in Vancouver. Fortunately, it’s also a large park with significant room for two people to find a spot for just the two of them. There are hundreds of great individual locations to propose. For a thoughtful proposal, choose the flowers or features you’ll be proposing in front of to match something about your partner.

Capilano Bridge


The Capilano Bridge is easily accessed from Vancouver through public transportation, and is one of the most breathtakingly romantic spots you’ll find for under $50. If you want to make a proposal there, choose your times carefully. While there are times that the bridge is quiet enough for a private moment, many visitors are bustling about during peak times. Visit a couple times to scout out the best time and place for you and your partner.

Lighthouse Park


Also accessible a short distance outside Vancouver is the gorgeous Lighthouse Park. This park is known, of course, for its signature lighthouses, but it also draws many guests looking to take in breathtaking views of the towering Douglas fir trees or hoping to see a particularly good sunset off the western beach. Many places in the park make for great spots to propose.

Grouse Mountain


Grouse Mountain isn’t even half an hour from the downtown core, but it offers so many places to make a simple but elegant proposal. For only the cost of the ride up, you could make your proposal on one of the scenic chairlifts. The lifts allow a wonderful amount of privacy in addition to awesome views. Alternatively, you could walk up the trail to the top together, and choose one of the many scenic spots along the way.

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