The Pallet


Nothing beats the bold colours of fall. From striking jewel tones to crisp harvest hues, the choices in autumn wedding palettes are limitless. Fall palettes can make your wedding look rustic and also makes it extremely easy to create, order, or customize decor, pallet signs, and invitations that are appealing to your guests.

The Food


As temperatures cool with the coming the fall season, a fall wedding will allow you to plan a hearty menu for your guests. Never dull, the savoury flavours of fall provide a unique and spicy twist on traditional wedding menus. Creamy squash soups, apple baked pork, hot apple cider and pumpkin desserts are just some of the endless possibilities for a fall wedding menu.

The Decor


Gorgeous gourd centrepieces, beautiful fall foliage, bright autumn berries; let mother nature be your guide when decorating your fall wedding.

The Weather


Not too hot and not too cold, autumn weather is the best for weddings! However, since the weather can also be a bit unpredictable at this time, you can add to your decor by having customized blanket take-homes for your guests or a cute cashmere wool scarf for your bridesmaids.

The Savings (off season)

Savvy brides-to-be know that booking in the off-season is a serious cost saver. With many couples choosing a summer celebration, fall brides can reap the benefits of a slower wedding season and reduced venue costs.

Another benefit of a fall wedding, is one for your out-of-town guests. Travelling or booking accommodations during the off-peak season, can also be more money-wise for those attending or standing in your wedding. Now if you’re thinking about the honeymoon, then you’ll be happy to know that travel and accommodation will also be cheaper during the fall when compared to spring or summer.

The Themes


Have you dreamt of a themed wedding? The fall is the perfect time to pull it off! Just imagine the creative possibilities of a Halloween wedding!

If you are thinking about buying a black wedding dress or sequences, carrying a fall bouquet, using leaves as part of your decor, having a halloween-themed photo booth or including a little more creepiness to your theme, or using white or orange pumpkins for centerpieces or bouquet arrangements, then the month of October is the perfect time for you!

The Ambiance


The air is crisp; the colours are vibrant, and the light is a photographer’s dream. The ambience of a fall wedding celebration is next to none (and the photos always turn out gorgeous).

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