If you’re celebrating the anniversary of your wedding with a party, it’s a great way to recapture the magic of the happiest day of your life. With some clever planning you can celebrate the same love and commitment to each other in a truly memorable fashion. Whether you’re celebrating your 1st, 10th, 20th, or 50th anniversary, here are some tips to help you celebrate your anniversary with a great party.



You can get very creative with your party by picking a fun theme, and thankfully anniversaries offer some great inspiration for ideas. You can build your theme around your original wedding, or things you wanted to do for your wedding that you couldn’t for whatever reason. Here are some common ideas to use for your party’s themes for décor, clothing, food, and so on:

  • Milestone years — every anniversary year has a corresponding theme and carnation, so your 25th anniversary for example is your “Silver” anniversary with Iris as the carnation
  • Decade theme — take the style and culture of the decade in which you were married and have a blast from the past
  • Vow renewal — a great way to firmly celebrate your love and commitment is renewing your original wedding vows

You can mix and match these ideas with each other, or with other ideas you have in mind. You can do all of these in a bigger, more upscale celebration or at a low-key event held at your house with a simple potluck or backyard party.

Video & Photos

A great way to celebrate your anniversary and the years between your wedding to now is by incorporating videos and photos of your relationship from the past and the present. Having your friends and family send you copies of any photos or videos they have of you and your spouse over the years is a way of getting everyone involved. It’s Here’s some tips on how to do it:

  • Collage — put together a collage of all the best pictures to display at the party, and include the rest in a photo album next to it to look through
  • Slideshow — you can also organize them into a slideshow to project somewhere that just runs through the party for people to watch at their leisure
  • Video compilation — mix in any video clips as well as photos with music or even commentary and memories that you or everyone else can offer

These ideas are a great way to get everyone participating and serves as a conversation starter for everyone, to reminisce not only about your relationship with your spouse but with everyone else that supported and helped your marriage.

Family Involvement

The thing about your anniversary is there are probably people around for it that were not around for your wedding. If you have children for example, but also any children or new spouses your family and friends might have. You can have a ball with your party by involving them in some fun ways:

  • Wedding roles — if you have kids who are younger, you can have them dress up as flower girls or ring bearers or little bridesmaids and groomsmen
  • Memories — for any kids or other family who are older you can have them share funny and loving stories of what they have seen of your years as a married couple
  • Roast — if you all have a good sense of humour you can add in a bit of a playful roast sometime during the party

All in all, the great thing about anniversary parties is how you can involve your friends and family who have been there with you for the whole time of your marriage. They can help plan certain things, they can bring food or décor or mementos, and they can participate in games or simple reminiscing!  

If you’re not sure where to start, an anniversary party planner can also help you conceptualize and plan everything out. This includes: your guest list, venue, food, decor and even entertainment.

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