There’s nothing quite like getting married in the summer and many women find that themselves attending quite a few bridal showers during the warm months. Choosing the right gift can be stressful, but it’s easy to come across as considerate when you choose something that matches the season—something on the mind of the bride that she may have an immediate use for after her upcoming wedding.

No matter your budget or relationship with the bride-to-be, one of these summer bridal shower gift ideas is certain to help you leave a lasting impression.

A Classy Gift—A Fine Wine Set


So many pleasant summer memories are made sitting on porches and decks around Vancouver and sipping on wine in the evenings. This activity is particularly enjoyed by young lovers, and makes a great gift for someone who is about to become a bride. Even having a dedicated wine set with glasses and a carafe can be an upgrade over the glassware the young have on hand, but with the right budget, you can also make this gift a fine and cherished keepsake.

A Cultured Gift—Summer Theater Tickets


Many cities experience an explosion of culture in the summer as theaters and orchestras move into the open air. If your guest of honor is the cultured sort, she may enjoy tickets to some of the amazing summer events that are going on in your area. If you have a larger budget, you can pick up a season of tickets, or a collection of different events that are sure to please the bride and her husband.

A Functional Gift—Beach Accessories & Furniture


Give a functional gift by making it easier for future newlyweds to enjoy the outdoors. Beach, lake and camping items are always a seasonally appropriate way to let the future partners explore the great sights that are best experienced in the summer. A high-quality set can become a standard in the life of the bride whenever she has fun places to go, so it’s sure to help you be remembered.

A Fun Gift—An Adventurous Activity


Is your friend the adventurous sort? Put more adventure in her life by providing her with tickets for great activities that may only be available in the warmer months. Extreme activities like parachuting, hang-gliding and bungee jumping can really bring a new couple together, and give them some great things to remember about their early marriage.

An Impressive Gift—A Summer Getaway


If you want to really leave an impression, gift a bride-to-be the gift of a prequel to the honeymoon by sending them on a short trip before or after the wedding. There are many great places around the world that are at their peak during the summer, and you can give the married couple a chance to experience memories that will last a lifetime.

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