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A well-planned wedding is a wonderful experience, but because of budgets and reasons of personal style, many couples are now choosing to handle a lot of the planning themselves. It’s a wonderful thing to plan your wedding from beginning to end. However, you don’t want to still be holding onto the reins by the time the big day rolls around.

You can hope that all of your plans are going to work together perfectly once you’ve stopped managing everything and started to focus on getting married. That generally isn’t the case, though. The constant moving parts and high tensions make wedding disasters more likely than you think. Protect yourself from problems by having a Day-of Coordinator to handle the onsite management for you.

A Day-of Coordinator is the middle path between hiring a wedding planner, and doing it yourself. A Day-of Coordinator only shows up the day of the wedding to make sure everything that was planned launches perfectly. Sometimes, this means saving your entire wedding. Here are some of the ways a coordinator can save you…


By Dealing with Vendors Who Don’t Deliver

You can get all your vendors perfectly and still end up with cancellations and problems on the big day. This is not something you want to deal with while you’re trying to get your wedding gown on, so have a coordinator on-site to deal with it for you. When you’ve hired someone to handle everything, you won’t even know that emergencies happened, you can just enjoy the slight changes in food or entertainment that means a disaster was narrowly prevented.


By Keeping Your Loved Ones with You

When a couple handles the planning themselves, it often takes the bride turning her bridesmaids into her own personal army to make everything go right. They dart about handling the small details and making sure that everything is perfect for the ceremony. This is wonderful, but it means that the bride can’t spend that special time making valuable memories with the people closest to her.

A coordinator keeps everything on track so that your bridesmaids can soak up all the joy of your day with you and be there with you when your nerves kick in.


By Shutting Down the Drama

High tensions can mean a lot of drama. The same with family members who are known to cause trouble in the first place. While you may want to ask your coordinator, many of them have experience with conflict resolution and know how to manage people who are having problems. Others, on the other hand, are fine just having a bouncer on hand to take care of these problems.


Turning the Moving Parts into a One Experience

You may have planned a lot of great parts for your wedding, but what you intended will be hard to pull off if there isn’t someone to coordinate everything and make sure it moves together cohesively. Let your day-of coordinator turn all the different vendors and ideas into a seamless experience.

To create the perfect day, without all the stress and disasters, learn more about Day-of Coordination by contacting Wonderstruck-Events.

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