Halloween Wedding Theme

Over the last five years Halloween has gone viral in Canada and spending during this holiday has made this observance the second most popular event, next to Christmas. As Halloween wedding themes emerge, brides and grooms adopt the “Creepy” factor into almost every element of their special day. Although Halloween themes aren’t conventional, they are one of the most popular.

Some couples do find it hard to commit to a Halloween wedding theme at first because it can seem unpractical and hard to incorporate into your special day, but it doesn’t have to be. A wedding planner can help to bring all your unique ideas together and eliminate your fears and roadblocks by bringing your Halloween wedding theme together for you. They will start with your Halloween wedding ideas, dresses, invitations, centerpieces, cakes and toppers, and other party favors for your guests and make your Halloween-themed wedding a success.

General Halloween Wedding Ideas

There are probably a million ideas to create the perfect Halloween ambiance on your wedding day, but here are a few that you may want to consider:

  • Light up your ceremony and add a little spook when you exchange your vows in a candlelight setting.

Halloween Wedding Idea - Lighting

  • Buy a small coffin ring box for your ring bearer to carry your wedding bands in

Halloween Wedding Idea - Ring Box

  • Reiterate your vows by including a “Till death do us part” sign at your head table

Halloween Wedding Idea - Till Dealth Do Us Part Sign

  • Incorporate a masquerade photo booth for your guests to use

Halloween Wedding Idea - Masquerade Photo Booth

  • Use leaves as part of your decor by incorporating them into your backdrop

Halloween Wedding Idea - Leaf Decor/Backdrop

Every wedding has a cocktail hour and dessert of some sort, this is the perfect time to display and invite your guests to enjoy your scary display of desserts, including black candy apples, and your trick-or-treat candy bar. They will absolutely love it!

Halloween Wedding Idea - Desserts & Candy

Halloween Wedding Dresses

The dress options are endless since you are probably not considering a traditional white gown, flower girl dress or some other bright color for your bridesmaids. The fashion contrast of a Halloween wedding is stellar. While most brides have their minds set on a black wedding dress, your flowergirl can add the sparkly your theme needs in a black sequin dress, while your bridesmaids could add the contrast in gray dresses.

Halloween Wedding Dresses

Halloween Wedding Invitations

Introduce your guests to your theme by starting with a creepy save the date invitation. Make use of Ouija boards, skulls, zombies or Corpse Bride. Your wedding invitations can be anything really when you consider almost any Halloween-themed movie. They will generally produce some of your best halloween ideas.

Halloween Wedding Invitations

Halloween Wedding Centerpieces

What’s a halloween theme without a pumpkin? Pumpkins are great for halloween wedding centerpieces. Whether you’re hoping to do something more fancy like using a white or black pumpkin as a flower vase for your centerpieces, or just having a simple jack-o-latern lit up to bring the halloween feel to each table. Make use of mossy skulls if you are looking for the creep factor for your centerpieces. No matter which choice you make here, your guest will understand and appreciate your centerpieces.

Halloween Wedding Centerpieces

Halloween Wedding Cakes & Toppers

Halloween wedding cakes and topper are probably on the of the best elements if you’re hoping to frighten your guests. Add ghostly effects, ghoulish designs, creepy spider and webbed designs, fresh blood roses or make use of dark chocolate ganache and lots of black paste food coloring.

Halloween Wedding Cakes/Toppers

Other Halloween Wedding Favors

Although you’re considering a Halloween wedding theme, you don’t want your guest to assume that they are required them to wear a costume, unless the dress up is a part of your theme. An alternative you can use if you’re not interested in the costume aspect is to add a little masquerade to your theme. Providing masks instead can alleviate some of the pressure for your guests. Plus they also serve as a great souvenir of your special Halloween wedding.

Halloween Wedding Favors - Masquerade Masks

Trick-or-treat favors are needed for the ultimate Halloween theme. Pre-package treat bags or set up a candy table and allow your guests to choose their own favorites. Whether your guest list includes only adults or children as well, who doesn’t want a sugar rush on Halloween?

Halloween Wedding Favors - Treat Bags & Candy Table

Bringing a Halloween wedding theme together is not as difficult as it may seem, at least not with the proper help. Find the right venue, incorporate Halloween and your creepy ideas and make your Halloween wedding one that your guests won’t soon forget. Get help to carry out your dream wedding and contact us today.



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