Your big day should be the best day of your life, and that’s not going to be easy if you’re someone who struggles with stress.

Between all the ceremony, planning and big life changes, it’s easy for your wedding to become the most stressful day of your life, and that’s not how you want to remember it. You want to remember it as a day where you laughed and celebrated with the people who love you.

Even if your wedding day is already drawing close, you can use these tips to plan a day that won’t feel stressful at all. Most of them are affordable for anyone, and easy to do!

Choose a Great Wedding Planner

Letting go of all the important details can be frightening, but a wedding planner will change almost everything about your wedding for the better. You’ll still have power over all the details; they’ll just be taken care of for you! That includes all those phone calls, reservations and little emergencies that pop up from all different directions.

You won’t stress as much when you have a wedding planner since none of the problems will really be yours to deal with. Someone else’s livelihood and reputation are on the line, so you can let them work to make it all work. It’s still important that you choose a great wedding planner, so you should do your homework and choose from only the best in your local area.

Surround Yourself with Your Best Friends…All Day

If you want to have a wedding day that’s short on stress, make sure you’re surrounded by people who can keep you grounded. Naturally, you want to have all your closest friends at your wedding, but all preparations and ceremonies can make it easy to get separated from your crucial moral support network.

Make sure you arrange ahead of time that certain people need to be available for your all day. A small group of 3-4 people who can keep you on earth and help you start laughing whenever you start to panic. That sounds like the perfect number for bridesmaids, so make sure to keep yours as close as possible until the time of the actual wedding. They should be able to access you wherever you are.

Have Permanent Makeup Applied

Permanent makeup can be a very effective treatment if you want to avoid wedding day stress. By choosing permanent makeup, you can save hours of prep work on your wedding day. You’ll wake in the morning with many of right accents already applied, so you can take it easy in the morning instead of spending hours working on your look.

Let Yourself Let Go

Something will always go wrong. Always. How much that matters depends on how much weight you put on it. Is it really going to matter in your memories if the flowers were the wrong color, or one of the bridesmaids wore the wrong dress? In the heat of the moment, it can seem like these things matter a lot. Really though, they don’t.

In the end, all you’ll remember is the happiness you felt. The little details never last, and you can make the day great ahead of time by choosing to ignore the things that would bother you. After all, in the context of a lifetime of companionship, what could they possibly matter?

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