You want the best people possible working on your wedding.

Having a good wedding planner is a big priority, but professionalism makes a difference in many other parts of the wedding. The difference that professionalism makes cannot be ignored when it comes to the wedding music.

In some poorly-organized weddings, the music may be left in the care of some convenient teenager with an laptop. This is almost always a mistake, and there are many reasons why. Here are some of the differences you can expect when you choose a professional DJ to handle the music for your wedding.

You Can Do the Right Research

When you’re working with professionals, you can find out as much about them as you need before you finally hire. You can check reviews, certifications and equipment lists. If you’re just grabbing someone from the wedding party, you have no idea how well they’re going to understand sound systems. They may not even understand the ceremony well enough to play the music at the right times.

Having the right information in advance can help you make really exciting choices about what you want from the music in your wedding. You may find out that the addition of equipment carried by DJs opens up new opportunities for your guests to have fun.

They Can Work the Audience

DJs are entertainment professionals. Remember, there’s a lot more to wedding music than just covering the familiar favorites. A good DJ will be able to read and respond to differences in the way the crowd feels throughout the celebrations. They will be able to choose the perfect times for the trendy dance songs and the classic slow dances.

They Have Better Music

That cousin or nephew you grabbed to handle your music probably has some interesting things in their collection, but it may not be the songs that everyone wants to hear. A professional DJ will have more music than an amateur, and they’ll have the experience to know which ones are the crowd-tested favorites for every occasion.

They Have Legal Music

Licensing for publically-played music is very complicated, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it. Music labels possess the legal right to have people fined and or charged with a crime if they are playing controlled music without the proper licenses. The judgments and fines for these cases can reach into the tens thousands of dollars.

Professional DJs are very familiar with how the law applies to their work. They are not going to get your wedding fined for playing music without a license. That may mean that they don’t have access to certain songs, but choosing not to play them is much safer than risking a brush with the law. Ignorance of the law in this case can be very, very expensive.

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