Charity Event Planning & Management

Call Wonderstruck Events to make your next charity event a success. I am an experienced party planner who knows how to create a guaranteed, unforgettable event!

Wonderstruck Handles Charity Events of All Sizes

Don’t settle for planners who leave some of it to chance. Choose Wonderstruck because we can manage the entire party from the initial idea conception to moment the last guest leaves. From the very start, I’ll be working closely with you to develop your ideas that will make the event a hit. I’ll help you bring any idea that interests you to life, such as choosing decorations that light up your space.

Of course, my part doesn’t end when the design is perfectly planned and implemented. I am happy to continue to support you as a coordinator on the day of the event. I can choose and then manage any vendors who were picked for the event to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Themes to Inspire for Your Charity Ball or Event

What drew me to event planning was my love of planning events and bringing everything together to form a truly unique theme. I started as a little girl with dreams of my fairy tale weddings, but that has now grown into a fascination with the power of putting all the right elements together for any event. Whether I’m planning a wedding or a charity ball, my goal is to create a sense of wonder, and a party that seems to briefly exist in a world of its own.

My designs are intended to awe and inspire your guests. I look forward to working closely with you to develop looks and features that will leave your guests wonderstruck.

Contact Wonderstruck Events

Interested in having Wonderstruck plan your next charity event? Please contact me about your event as soon as possible. You’ll find my full contact information here along with a form you can use to contact me here on the website. I respond to queries as quickly as I can.