In recent years, having a “First Look” photo session before the wedding ceremony has become increasingly popular. The idea is to have the bride and groom, fully dressed and ready for the ceremony, see each other for the first time. The meeting is staged, with the photographer ready to capture the moment and all the emotions on the faces of the couple. Like proposal photos, it can be an incredibly raw and emotional moment that you will treasure forever after. Want some good ideas on how to arrange the moment? We have a great ideas for you!

wedding photo ideas

Descend A Staircase

Channel your inner-Cinderella by having the bride descend a set of stairs to the waiting groom. We recommend that you have the groom turned around until the bride is halfway down the steps, then have her pause and turn the groom around to get his first look. If possible, you can do it at the venue of your ceremony if there are stairs to use or pick out a location that’s nearby. It can be a beautiful and classy photo session.


You can get some great photos outside in natural light with trees, bushes, flowers, and other vibrant colours of nature as a backdrop. Have the bride or groom wait behind a tree and walk out when the other approaches. It can be on the grass, or in a garden, by a gazebo or a creek or pond — there are tons of different nature shots to pick the scene you want most. Just have a backup plan if the weather doesn’t cooperate.


Have the bride, the groom, or both blindfolded and led towards each other. You can have them hold each other’s hands as someone else removes the blindfolds to initiate the first look. Alternatively, you can have the best man and maid of honour follow behind the couple covering their eyes with their hands for a more playful series of photos that also incorporates the wedding party.

Obstructed Walk Up

Have the bridal party and the groomsmen stand in front of the bride and groom as they slowly approach each other. When they are close enough, have them step aside to reveal the couple to each other. You can also use balloons, a car, or something else if you want the first look to be a more private moment for the couple.

The Grand Reveal

Have the couple on opposite sides of a door, or a screen, or an elevator, or something of that nature. Set them in front of the door and open it for the reveal, or have either the bride or groom open it themselves. It’s a good staged photo opportunity, and you can use a wide array of doors or screens as locations for the reveal according to your taste.

Alternate First Looks

You can also have first looks for other people: the parents first seeing their child, the bridesmaids seeing the bride, the groomsmen seeing the groom, and so on. They can be very emotional and touching scenes to capture forever in a photograph, and the best part is you can have all these first looks together if you plan it right. The difficulty lies in coordinating the timing for each photo session, which is something a good wedding planner can help with.

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